Regain MEMORY360


Whats is Regain Memory ?

  Regain Memory 360 is a complete workout program for the brain.

Optimizing body-Exercise the brain

Health Provider- Cognitive Therapist

Brain loss with ageing...

  With aging we are losing brain cells.  Fewer brain connections we make due to limited brain challenges after retirement. The brain loss is further contibuted by chronic medical disease, like diabetes , Hypertension, Lupus, dementia, Alzheimer's, TBI and stroke major cause of brain cell & function loss.  

Effect of chronic medical disease on brain...

 Late Onset Alzheimer’s Disease or Sporadic AD (99% of AD) showed variable gene expression of beta amyloid with age in twin study, the gene expression is triggered by environmental and neuro-chemical status of aged body in research studies . Nutritional deficiency and medical disease also contribute to the gene expression of beta amyloid formation in brain. 

Medical disease causing sudden onset of dementia..

  • Post CVA early screening of memory impairment
  • Post radiation or chemotherapy  for cancer treament
  • Post Cardiac Arrest  memory loss Screening
  • Post respiratory arrest memory loss screening
  • Post seizure memory loss screening
  • Lupus or autoimmune dis. memory loss screening
  • Sleep Apnea & congestive heart failure  memory loss screening
  • Age > 65 cognitive function screening for early memory loss

Patient Eligibility...

 Regain Memory patient eligibility patients above 55 years of age should be screen with MoCA or MMSE score 11 to 24 out of 30 & recommended Memory evaluation & Treatment with RegainMemory 360 approach. 

Regain Memory Provider....


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