Migraine Headache


Migraine A trigger based symptoms complex

 30  million Migraine patients in this country is a drive for market &  research to prevent or control the pain. Every one wants a piece of that  pie, but we have forgot about these patients are live person like other  300 million people. So why do you have trigger symptom complex like  migraine compare to the person without headache. We change our approach  to treatment, Dr Kumar, triple board certified headache specialist,  started spending more time to find the reasons,  Now we have almost 5000  lives with complete control or cured from the migraine headaches or cluster headaches. 

Different types, Different Causes of Headaches

 Migraine headaches are categorized by common migraine, classical  migraine, chronic migraine, mixed migraine, Ocular migraine, Vertiginous  migraine, Menstrual migraine, Baro- pressure migraine and Hemiplegic migraine. Other common  headaches Tension headaches, Cluster headaches, Hemicrania continua,  have its cause and triggers directly associated with your life style and  underlying problems. 

Why same medication or treatment approach every time?

 If EINSTEIN was physician 

 "Receiving same treatment from different doctor with expectation of different result is stupidity" 

 You have tried all the headache medications that  work on pain pathways from receptor to block of chemicals release.  Tylenol to triptans and hydrocodone to oxymoron. Botox shot gun approach  of 31 injection to nerve blocks. 

Why do we not have any novel drug, which can stop headaches? 

Why  we get prescribed the same drug, when we can cure the headaches by simply knowing the cause in you.

Why you ?

 You look different ,behave different and your habits are different. Why  same prescribe medication will work on you. The answer is also you. Lets  find the answer. Lets find about you with Neuro-headaches exam, blood  chemical exam and explore the causes of headaches in you. 

You & An expert Dr Kumar

 After evaluation by Dr Kumar, you will learn more about you. Your causes  of headaches, and your triggers. A complete individualized treatment  plan, with or without medication. 

Most FAQs


Q. Why Me? 

Ans : Lets find the answer and control the cause of headache together.

Q. Whats My treatment?

Ans: No Magic Pill or shot will control the headaches, lets find the cause and treat one by one.