Treatment of migraine Headaches

 Learn about Migraine headache & treatment from Expert  Suresh Kumar M.D. Triple Board Certified Headache Specialist & Neurologist. Director of Headache, Traumatic Brain Injury & Memory Research Institute Frisco 

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Our experienced medical professional  Dr. Suresh Kumar is a Triple board certified neurologist, headaches  Medicine & Brain Injury Medicine. Dr. Kumar is headache neurologist treating Migraine & other complicated headaches. He is Brain Injury Expert has been also on NFL Concussion Program. His proactive protocol for treatment of acute  post TBI patients comprehensive care for headaches , neck and back pain , mood disorder and other symptoms of post concussion syndrome has increased early recovery and better out come. Dr. Kumar’s life has been dedicated to the  advance medical research and improvements in patient care. 


Headache Treatment

 We treat Children > 5yrs for headaches, migraine to Post Traumatic Headache after concussion traumatic brain injury . Suresh  Kumar, M.D. headache  neurologist has been successful in treating all types of headaches with  conventional and non-conventional approaches.  He has performed  hundreds of nerve blocks and other procedure in order to effectively treat patients with  headaches and neuralgia. 

We also perform IV therapy to control complicated headaches in out patients setting.


Concussion & Traumatic Brain Injury

Acute Treatment of Concussion /TBI to control of physical symptoms of the TBI and early Recovery

  • EEG and MRI brain DTI/FMRI test for TBI evaluations
  • Neurocognitive testing and Memory test for  TBI to plan neurocognitive therapy or neuro-rehabilitation.
  • RTMS & F-O2 therapy for the Neural Stimulation 
  • Visual-spatial/Speech/ occupational/ Computer based neurocognitive therapy
  • Early recovery from MTBI with providing other support systems.

Memory Loss after TBI or Dementia

Learn about the memory loss &  Regain Memory 360, A complete Brain workout program for the people with memory loss, researched & developed by Suresh Kumar M.D. Triple Board Certified Traumatic Brain Injury medicine specialist & Neurologist. Director of Headache, Traumatic Brain Injury & Memory Research Institute Frisco 

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Please contact us about your requested consultation, Dr. Kumar sees limited new patients mostly on Fridays in Frisco.  If you have requested online appointment, we will call you within 24 hrs and try to accommodate your request. Be prepared to spend minimum 2hr, as Dr. Kumar takes lot of time for initial evaluation. He treat PERSON not HEADACHE & Treat CAUSE not TIME.

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